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21 Unconventional Things I'm Thankful for This Thanksgiving

In case the word didn’t get out, Thanksgiving means it's time to sit and reflect on what we’re truly thankful for. The health and happiness of our loved ones always seem to be a popular one if you're into that kind of thing.

I kid, I kid: Yes, this is a time for family and friends, and for appreciating just how lucky we are for all the blessings we’ve experienced throughout the year.

I’m thankful for those things too. Deeply thankful, in fact. But what about those things we don’t typically include in such moments of solemn expression? What about the mundane? The uncommon? The usual? The overlooked? The unconventional?

So I thought I would put together my list of unconventional things I’m thankful for, hoping it inspires you to come up with your own list and fill your life with greater stores of gratitude.

21 Unconventional Things I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving.

1. I’m thankful for friends and family who still love me in spite of the endless drama in my life.

2. I’m thankful there is no crazy quite like my family’s brand of crazy…and that’s the way I like it.

3. I’m thankful that my Trump supporting Uncles won’t be at the table this year.

4. Even though I’m aging a bit and have parts that creak and groan, it could be worse, and I’m ever so thankful for the working parts that still manage to get me through the day.

5. I’m thankful for the weekends. Every weekend! There is something magical about weekends, don’t you think?

6. I’m thankful for the unconditional love my pups show me daily. Without them my wallet would be full, my house would be clean, but my heart would be empty.

7. I’m thankful for grocery stores. Think about it, if not for grocery stores, I’d have to grow my own food. Kill cows and pigs for meat. Make my own cheese? Churn my own butter? I’m just not built for that lifestyle.

8. I’m thankful for people saying “bless you” after I sneeze. It’s a small gesture that makes a big difference. We all just want to be acknowledged and feel seen and heard.

9. I’m thankful for people willing to teach. My grandmother taught me to crochet. My boss has taught me patience and how to work smarter. I’m quite grateful that others are willing to use their time and talents to teach me something new.

10. I’m thankful I don’t have to miss Thanksgiving dinner to work a shift at Walmart.

11. I’m thankful for the existence of clementines.

12. I’m thankful for color. What would the world be like in black and white? Answer: Boring…visually, anyway. Color has been shown to change moods. It’s powerful and pleasing. It differentiates the seasons. It beautifies life.

13. I’m thankful for challenges. Without challenges in life, I wouldn’t be who I am now. They give us the opportunity to learn and grow and become better people.

14. I’m thankful for flowers. Imagine a park, a neighborhood, a Rose Parade, a backyard, a front yard, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries without flowers. I’m grateful they’re around.

15. I’m thankful for nighttime. Think about life without it ever getting dark. I love the light. I love my surroundings very well-lit. But I also like the soothing nature of nighttime. It relaxes and unwinds. It quietly closes one day and prepares us for the next.

16. I’m thankful for the wisdom that comes with age. It means I can read Facebook comments by young people and think to myself, “Oh sweetheart, you’re still wet behind the ears, give it a few more years.”

17. I’m thankful that Thanksgiving is a holiday.

18. I’m thankful that my Thanksgiving dinner will give me an excuse for being a waste of space on the couch for hours.

19. I’m thankful for hugs. A life without hugs would be a lonely life. I’m a hugger. But even if I wasn’t, there are certain people (moms, dads, children, granddaughter) you just need to hug and need hugs from. Hugless homes are barren homes. So, go hug and be thankful!

20. I'm thankful for my granddaughter. The love I feel for her is a new kind of love. It sets my heart aflame. She shows me the world through a different lens. All I have to do is love her.

Taking care of her, making sure all of her needs are met, those are her parent's responsibility. Time with my granddaughter is about nothing but love, showing her love, finding joy in her presence and crossing my fingers I'll be in her life for many years to come.

21. I’m thankful for YOU. I’m grateful for people like you who visit and find comfort, encouragement and usable advice. I’m thankful we’ve been allowed to help YOU by sharing insights into all aspects of the process of divorce. More than I can say and more than you’ll ever know, I’m thankful for YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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