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Pre-Divorce Coaching

What is Pre-Divorce Coaching?

Pre-Divorce Coaching is a results-oriented program for making relationships work or, enabling them to end with as little pain as possible. This Coaching is designed to improve all kinds of marital relationships- those teetering on the brink of divorce and those just needing fine-tuning.

That’s because it teaches skills anyone in a relationship needs to know. In fact, if you’re convinced your marriage is near its end, Coaching can offer you the valuable lesson of identifying where things went wrong and offer you the skills you’ll need to make any future relationship a success if your marriage doesn’t survive.

Pre-Divorce Coaching won’t drag you into your past in order to change your future. It won’t ask you to dissect the problems in your marriage. It is designed to focus on solutions to your marital problems and help you become your own relationship expert. It will give you concrete tools you can instantly put to use. And the best part is that you can take advantage of this Coaching alone if your partner isn’t motivated to participate. You can affect change in your relationship singlehandedly!

What You'll Learn...

  • Why knowing what caused a problem is a waste of time

  • How love illusions prevent you from getting more love in your life

  • That you can affect change in your marriage singlehandedly

  • How to set specific solution-oriented goals

  • How to identify what you do right

  • How to stop doing what isn’t working

  • Whether staying in or leaving your marriage is the right decision

  • Understand the role of mental health & personality disorders in your marriage — depression, alcoholism, bipolar & narcissism

  • Re-connect with yourself

  • Find clarity and confidence to make better decisions for yourself

  • How to break away from control & manipulation in your marriage

  • Identify your inner wisdom to map your path forward

Who'll Benefit From Pre-Divorce Coaching?

  • You’re facing an unwanted divorce and want to try and save your marriage

  • You’re having marital problems and want to find solutions for the problems in the marriage

  • You’re thinking about divorce and want to explore more deeply if that is the right decision for you

  • Your spouse thinks your crazy because he/she doesn’t feel there are problems in the marriage

  • You’ve decided on divorce and want to make a plan for finding the easiest and healthiest way through the divorce

  • You’ve decided on divorce and want do so in a way that is best for your children

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