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10 Things You Need to Do to Become More Empowered

Anyone can be more empowered to do anything in life that they want to do. To be able to be empowered after divorce there are few things that you need to do.

You do not have to spend money or try to do something that you might not be fit to do. Instead it is all about looking within yourself and finding out who you can be.

Every empowered person knows a few things in life. These tips can help you to become more empowered and learn how to live your best life. You will be able to find the best possible you that you can be when you know how to look within yourself.

Do these 10 Things to Become More Empowered

1. Accept Yourself

Instead of worrying about stereotypes or things that you could do, realize that you are who you are and you’re doing the best you can do. Learn to be your personal best and be happy with being your best self. By being who you were meant to be you will find that you can accomplish the things in life that you feel are your purpose.

It isn’t uncommon when going through a divorce to suffer a loss of self-esteem. An angry ex can be belittling, demeaning, and judgmental. Don’t fall into the trap of internalizing what is said or has been said about you. Don’t define your worth as a person based on the negative input of another.

Only you can assign personal value to yourself. And, like I said, as long as you’re doing the best you can do, your worthy of acceptance.

2. Have Clear Core Values

Know what you believe in. Have values that you will stick to regardless of what is going on in your life. Be true to yourself and stick to these values no matter what you lose or gain because if you do not stay true to values that you have you are not being authentically you.

3. Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes

Instead of running from your mistakes you should take responsibility for what you have done wrong. Be willing to admit when you are wrong so that you can grow and learn from these mistakes.

Think back to all the mistakes you made in life and consider how they have strengthened your character and ability. Consider the plethora of skills that your mistakes have taught you, and also how they have shaped your knowledge, personality, your social development and your life experience.

Mistakes are valuable. However, for them to be of value, you must first see them as a beneficial and critical part of your life that you cannot avoid and must instead embrace with an open heart and open mind. Who knows, your biggest mistakes could end up turning into your most glorious victories, as long as you are open to learning and growing from the experience.

4. Believe in Your Ability to Make Things Happen

You must believe that anything you put your mind to can be accomplished. You should also be willing to believe that your future is controlled by you and that you can easily change your future. Know that you have the power to control and change things in your life that others might not fully understand and that you can believe in something even when no one else does.

This is especially true for those financially devastated by divorce. Were you a stay-at-home mom who is now struggling to make ends meet? Are you a father who used up retirement funds in order to have more time with his children?

If you’ve found yourself in a rut you don’t believe there is a way out of, start looking up, making plans, setting goals and digging. We are all surrounded by options to change our situations, all you have to do is think outside the box and believe enough in yourself to make things happen for the better.

5. Always Show Gratitude

People who are empowered show that they are grateful for the things in their life. They appreciate all that they have been given and each person that they have come into contact with. With this attitude they will be able to appreciate all of life’s gifts.

Gratitude opens the door to more relationships.

Gratitude improves physical health.

Gratitude improves psychological health.

Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression.

Gratitude improves self-esteem.

Gratitude increases mental strength.

We all have the ability and opportunity to cultivate gratitude. Simply take a few moments to focus on all that you have – rather than complain about all the things you think you don’t have or deserve. Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life.

6. Do Not be Afraid

There are few things in life that one should be afraid of and empowered people have realized this. They know that fear is simply something that is there to hold them back and keep them from reaching their full potential.

So instead of fearing things, they confront them head on with a consistent willingness to learn something new.

7. Don’t Play the Blame Game

No matter what is going on in your life, even if you do not feel that you are at fault and you think that someone else is to blame, do play the blame game.

You will find that once you start blaming others it becomes a pattern and a habit to avoid taking responsibility. This avoidance will keep you from achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. It will also turn you into a perpetual victim and, take it from me, there is nothing more unattractive than a “victim.”

8. Learn to Say “No”

No is not an evil word or something that you cannot say. In fact, learning to say no is very empowering because you are learning to take control and stand for things that you believe in and can accomplish. Never feel guilty for saying no when you need to or want to.

As individuals when it comes to our time, saying "No" is one of the most powerful things that we can do in order to be effective in our most important tasks, taking care of our own personal needs, and not over-extending ourselves. Just say NO!

9. Be Willing to Learn Something New

There are many things in life that you can learn and many times that new lessons will come your way. Do not be afraid to learn something new because these new lessons will only help you to expand into a better person.

Take any opportunity that you have to learn something new throughout your life.

10. Keep Dreaming

Never stop dreaming. If you stop dreaming you will be giving up on the one thing that life cannot take from you. No one else can control or dominate your dreams. Make these your own and use them as a daily reminder of what you could possibly become.

My mother is 92-years-old and refers to herself as a “work in progress.” Holding onto the ability to hope, dream, and plan means you’ll remain, just like my mother, a “work in progress.”

These 10 are just the tip of the iceberg. How empowered you feel in life will depend a great deal on the issues you are facing in life. The main takeaway from these 10 should be and hope will be for you, is to never give up, never stop believing in yourself to handle whatever adversity life puts on your plate.

Empowerment refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority.

It is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights. Becoming more empowered is something we all have the ability to do.



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